2134_wake_me_up. Exhibited at copy&paste, Karlsruhe, Germany.

2134_wake_me_up (2014)

DVD-players, monitors, cd-player, speakers

The starting point of the installation 2134_wake_me_up is a found, worn and scratched CD of Björk. Playing the original piece Pagan Poetry the CD player is only stutttering, resulting to a new interpretation of the piece. This principle is reiterated at the visual level and further radicalized. The process of decay of the music video is accelerated by the active physical manipulation of DVDs. By multiple repetition of the procedure: manipulating, playing and recording, the DVD players create heavily modified visual fragments. The weaknesses of the machine in conjunction with the unsuitable information carrier is understood as an artistic potential while rejecting an expressive artistic gesture.


  • Alter Schlachthof
  • Karlsruhe, Germany